Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

PGDAME - Post Graduate Diploma in
Advertising, Media & Events

The event management industry rests on marketing, public relations, advertising, and brand communication. The inclusion of these subjects has made the event management industry reach its glory over the years. PGDAME is an advanced level course that opens the doors to further specialisations and certifications in event management. This diploma program is a concoction of multiple domains to prepare students for interrelated businesses also.

This event management diploma fetches you countless possibilities of getting placed in media organisations other than the event managing firms. PGDAME makes you suitable for job designations in this and other fields such as event coordinator or manager, events promotion officer, marketing manager etc. Amidst this industry's Gleim and nurture it through newfound working techniques in an array of crucial departments.

Takeaways from this Course

Communication & Presentation

Aspirants taught the accuracy of interacting with corporate clients to earn their trust. The way you present your staff, and the facilities take a long way in convincing or attracting clients to your organisation.

Event Designing

This postgraduate diploma course delves into the myriad facets of event management such as public relations, advertising, media management and marketing. Every event has its distinct purpose of being fulfilled. Therefore, it is necessary to be acquainted with the knowledge of framing every step of it to reach the desired result. Funding for an event or collection of returns from the money invested in it requires the event manager to formulate business plans and marketing strategies. The aspirants acquire expertise in these areas through this course.

Media Management & PR

This aspect of the diploma program focuses on lending a voice to the organised event through the broadcast and printing media's optimal usage. Students get to learn the underlying principles of public relations and their roles in event management. The aspirants also trained in brand management and advertising. As an in-house media manager, you can keep the employer event management company at the peak of popularity by constantly updating readers with impactful editorials and press releases.

Guest Management

Systematic seating for the guests, including celebrities, needs intricate planning beforehand. Venue management is a daunting task involving the coordination of the serving staff, volunteers, technical assistants, and media fraternity. To ensure if the activities are being executed as planned earlier, you have to envision the venue layout before allocating the space for different activities and assigning duties to the hired personnel.

Event Leadership & Team Coordination

Team collaboration is an integral part of event management, which demands harmonious coordination of teams for pulling off an event. This diploma programme equips students with the skills to monitor and assist their team members when needed.

Risk Management

This aspect of event management is a pivotal section of the training course for an uninterrupted show. You get equipped with the art of determining any anticipated resource loss or business risk, which helps you be prepared with preventive measures or handle the event so that it turns out to be satisfactory.

Social & Business Etiquettes

The ambience and hosting of social events widely differ from business conventions, meetings, product launches, etc. Each of these events requires a different code of conduct, celebration themes, and decor and media arrangements. The PGDAME course provides much-needed expertise in framing guidelines for such events.

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