Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Bachelor's in Event Management & PR (BBA/BMS)

The event management sector is indispensable in modern professional, corporate and even familial scenarios. From majestic weddings to corporate product launches, the present era is characterized by events galore. This ever-flourishing industry is always in demand of a talent pool to meet its diverse requirements. You can choose any of our event management courses after 12th that suits your needs.

A degree course in event management blends its functional and commercial aspects to impart appropriate knowledge for handling various services proficiently. The Bachelor of Event Management teaches you to manage and design global and domestic events, leading to your foray into the event management companies functioning overseas. It endows you with profound knowledge of event management mechanisms and strategies to interact with corporate clients and make your presentation convincing enough to earn their trust.

If you have completed your graduation, you can pursue an MBA in event management.

What Does the BBA in Event Management Inculcate in Aspirants?

A BBA degree in event management in India is essential for the aspirants to comprehend the sections of brand management, sponsorship skills, event production, marketing, advertising, public relations and event costing. The aspirants learn event concept designing to identify the target audience, market it accordingly, and plan hassle-free logistics operations to succeed. This degree program covers multiple specializations: venue management, event hospitality & catering, presentation & advertising management, marketing, and operations management.

  1. Aspirants get equipped to promote the services and products they would be working for, alongside event marketing. They taught the methodologies of managing every function related to an event proficiently.
  2. Event management professionals are required to decide on easy-to-commute venues with appropriate arrangement and theme decoration. Selection and booking negotiation are the challenges that have to be dealt with, expertise learnt through this degree course.
  3. This course teaches students how to optimise the funds through appropriate communication operations for the event.
  4. The large-scale events handled by the event management companies are their endeavours to transform simple occasions into state-of-the-art celebrations to satisfy their clients' taste buds. This course opens students to practical training and internships to implement the same in whipping up a memorable affair to make learners industry-ready.

Why to study BBA in Event
Management & PR ?

Creative Liberty

Every department of event management demands innovation such as decor, seating, technical setup, food, party theme, venue selection and interior designing, media arrangement, and so forth. You attain expertise in diverse areas such as setup considerations, special effects, venue management, etc.

Event Designing

A BBA in event management is the know-how of approaching events of different categories in a specific manner. A sports event cannot be managed in the same way as that of a corporate event. From venue selection to media coverage, every aspect needs to be treated from a different perspective..

Presentable Communication

Event managers have to interact with clients from diverse social and economic backgrounds. As a representative of an event management foundation, you ought to be presentable and skilled in communicating with clients, especially the corporate giants. Your verbal interaction must bear enough confidence and genuineness to earn the client's faith and offer.

Enter the Glamour World

Professionals with a BBA in event management get the opportunity of working in the entertainment industry. They are required to design events like fashion shows, reality shows, movie premieres, music or video album launches, talent hunts, beauty pageants, etc. These events involve various job roles such as set designing, celebrity management, venue selection, marketing campaigns, and media arrangement.

Marketing & Brand Management

An event designed to cater to the client's needs is, at the same time, the branding voice of the management company hired to organise it. Therefore, event managers are required to emphasise the promotional factor by making appropriate arrangements for media coverage. The intricacies involved in popularising the organisation's brand name and the client event success are taught to aspirants in the BBA course's brand management section.

Risk Management

This degree program concentrates on planning, designing, assessing, and implementing business strategies related to optimising the event company's resources. Professionals are hired in the event management firms to procure the right stuff, assure the timely completion of arrangements, and ensure guests' convenience through an uninterrupted hospitality service availability. The event organisers must analyse expected risks beforehand and plan preventive measures accordingly to avoid the client's loss.

Public Relations

The BBA degree program is essential for the aspirant to become adept at building a steady client base for the event management organisation by maintaining healthy relations with the existing sponsors and gathering new ones. Aspirants garner expertise in nurturing the organisation's impression on outsiders so that its credibility remains intact over the years. It is the act of balancing the clients' interests with your employer event management firm's working principles.

Job Opportunities

The specialisation acquired through the BBA degree program endows you with the competencies suitable for multiple roles in several industrial sectors other than event management. Event coordinator, brand development manager, administrative manager, production executive, celebrity manager, logistics expert management are, to name a few of the immense job possibilities. News channels, advertising agencies, corporate companies, hotels, political parties, etc. are the fields in constant need of talented professionals expert in event management.

Finance Organisation

An event manager's efficiency lies in making the most of the client's financial resources to produce satisfactory results. This degree program equips you with specialisation in tackling cash flow management and other budgeting tools so that you may smartly plan every move without risking any money.

Digital Innovation

Technological innovations, especially digitisation, lead to every intelligent move in the event management industry's operations. From the ideation of plans to their implementation, each function involves technology at its best form to enhance the aura of the finally produced event. This degree course's curriculum covers all the technicalities and endows you with the required expertise in these areas.

Celebrity Management

The positive reviews of various high-end events greatly rely on the word-of-mouth of celebrity guests who attended it. The entire responsibility of their reception and hospitality is passed on to the event company by the client. Only experts with professional training in event management can provide high-class entertainment to these limelight-seekers.

" A bunch of happiness, adventure, and accolades await the event management BBA course pursuers. "

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