Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Career Opportunities in Event Management

“ Looking for Enthusiastic, Energetic and Exciting Career? Event Management offers it all. ”

Event management is a thriving industry with inevitable growth in the coming years, an employment pool for fresh talents produced by NAEMD's degree and diploma programs. This sector is a balance of challenges and privileges, where you play the creator of a make-believe world to make others' life events memorable. Lucrative pay and daunting job schedules are worth the tremendous opportunities you get to be a part of page three. So now is the time to learn and apply the importance of a career in this burgeoning event management industry.

Career as an Event Manager

career-as-an-event-manager An event manager isn't dull and monotonous but an essence of bright and vibrant flavours in life. With exceptional talent followed by hard work, sincerity, and technical skill-sets, an event manager monitors an event's overall conventions. He/she dedicates his professional schedule to plan and execute successful events. Next, aspirants require proper skill training and education to pursue a bright career in the event management industry. One needs to inculcate both theoretical and practical knowledge to become a professional and a successful event manager. Today, an event manager job profile offers unbeatable opportunities with excellent annual packages and incentives. The profile integrates a wide variety of options in addition to progress, experiences and tons of networking.

As a rapidly growing profession, developed countries such as America earns around 100 billion + per annum from the event management industry. In that sense, India is also on the verge of furnishing mind-blowing CTC's to its event managers. The past decade itself witnessed an alarming hike in this sector account for an annual business of 25500 crores in 2019-2020. According to leading management research, the event industry can develop by 25% every year. This means that its scope is widening day by day, incorporating new managers every following hour. As a result, many young and seasoned aspirants willingly join the industry and fulfil their dreams of success. However, only the sky's the limit to cater to one's growth in this profession.


Multiple Job Opportunities in the event industry

Besides, several made-to-order roles are awaiting the pursuers of varied event management courses, Media Planning Manager, Promotion Manager, Brand Development Manager, Design Manager, Events Promotion Manager, Production Manager, Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, celebrity manager, logistics expert Etc. In addition, news channels, advertising agencies, corporate companies, hotels, political parties are in constant need of talented professionals. The specialisation acquired through the event management degree or diploma programs endows you with the competencies suitable for varied roles in several sectors other than event management.


Opportunity to become an Entrepreneur

The event management industry provides a monetisable output in addition to tons of entertainment and experience. The industry furnishes much broader and exciting avenues to explore and engage in. For this reason, it supplements a value addition to money along with the factor of enjoyment. The bachelor's, master's degree and diploma courses in event management are designed to enable you to start your venture in the wedding & event industry or any other like media, public relations, brand management, marketing, etc.

Today in this time of the rise of globalisation, you can become an event entrepreneur in few easy steps:
  1. Join excellent and certified event management courses offered by NAEMD
  2. Opt for suitable diploma or degree courses in event management
  3. Study both theoretical and practical know-how about the industry
  4. Gain adequate event planning knowledge, skills and experience
  5. Post diploma or degree, understand your position in the event market
  6. Gather mandatory and valid certifications
  7. Conduct a conscious determination of your event planning market
  8. Develop business plans
  1. Select the most appropriate business plans for your firm
  2. Opt for online business insurance services
  3. Network with your working staff, vendors, suppliers and clients
  4. Define your event planning services
  5. Draft your payment structures for your event planning services
  6. Secure adequate investments and funding for your business
  7. Emphasise your business development plans
  8. Promote and market your business, both online and offline

Become a Consultant


Those who are neither interested in a full-time event manager job nor initiate their event firm can opt for Consultancy. In the event management industry, switching to becoming event consultants could be an exciting choice for deciding and planning your terms. In addition, the sector provides an opportunity to young professionals and allows them to perform event projects at their convenience.

Moreover, event consultancy as a career option has numerous advantages. Some of its principal benefits are:
  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Deciding your charges
  1. Individuality retainment while decision making
  2. Working on different types of events simultaneously

“ Join Event Management courses at NAEMD. The event industry awaits enthusiastic and exuberant personalities like you to let you achieve the glowing sun of tomorrow and time to touch the sky by joining the event industry. ”

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