Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management Course (PGDEM)

A post-graduate diploma in event management is an amalgamation of various relevant study disciplines covering every aspect of the event industry. Aspirants pursuing this course become familiar with the various departments of the event management industry. After completing this programme, students selected for multiple job roles such as event production, concept & creative designer, hospitality, logistic planning, event consultant, brand manager, and many more. Their employment scope does not stay restricted to this particular industry and the sectors closely associated with it.

What to Learn from this PG Diploma in Event Management Course?

Event Activation & Management

The post-graduate diploma program familiarises students with the broad classification of events and the way they function. The different segments are corporate events, social events, educational events, entertainment events, promotion and marketing events; candidates equipped with the knowledge of smoothly executing these activities.

Communication & Presentation Skills

Event managers are required to make their clients envision the event that is about to be created through their exceptional presentation skills. Besides, communicating ideas at these corporate platforms to convince the clients of a successful show requires a specific specialisation obtained through this diploma course. Interpersonal skills are also necessary for diplomatically negotiating with clients in terms of venue selection or budget.

Marketing & Brand Management

An event designed to cater to the client's needs simultaneously, the company's branding voice hired to organise it. Therefore, event managers are required to emphasise the promotional factor by making appropriate arrangements for media coverage. The intricacies involved in popularising the organisation's brand name and the client's event success taught to the aspirants in this course.

Operational Skills

An event manager is a governing force behind pulling off a successful show. It has to monitor the logistics and transportation operations to ensure a timely supply of resources to the event venue alongside the optimisation of those resources, including food and entertainment. The technological aspect taken into account through practical management skills learned through the PGDEM course.

Event Planning, Costing & Ideation

The curriculum designed in a way that the students are required to face practical situations for applying their knowledge in multiple departments like layout designing, workflow management, hospitality, logistics and venue decor, etc.
Candidates taught the application of different tools and methodologies to track the expenses incurred and prepare a well-planned budget to prevent unnecessary financial losses of both the event management organisation and the sponsor or the event host.

Corporate Readiness

This post-graduate diploma course opens students to the licensing laws, marketing and promotional methodologies, and advertising mediums so that learners may implement the same in whipping up a memorable affair. This post-graduate diploma program also briefs learners on the technicalities of sponsorships and how they function. Risk management and crisis communication are also included in the study curriculum to make learners industry-ready.

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