Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Asia’s Best Event Management Institute

Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

The Event Management Industry entails a dynamic segmentation, and each segment invites critical attention towards its principal foundation and production. This further allows the aspirates to join the industry to think and opt for the most suitable segment for themselves.

Moreover, this segmentation also offers an in-depth theoretical understanding and practical application of the curriculum. Therefore, to add multiplicity to the industry’s plethora, NAEMD curriculum instils in students basic and advanced theories and techniques of all event management segments. This eventually ushers the aspirants to deliver their best performance in all fields of events. And finally, it fosters a professional and a seasoned outlook to the industry and its newbie joiners.

Segments of Event Industry:

Entertainment Events

India has witnessed a growing demand for live and entertainment events over the last decade. This is because people the previous era of screen-based...

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Corporate Events

Corporate events comprise the scope of unleashing one’s creative potential amid a setting. It needs concretised training before effective event planning...

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Wedding Management

The Indian wedding industry is too massive to miss, and it contributes most significantly to the flourishing event industry. Today, this entire segment...

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Exhibition and Trade Fairs

India records substantial growth in this specific segment of the industry. the rising business networking among new start-ups, prospective stakeholders...

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Promotional Events

The industry organises marketing and promotional activities to capture a decent market for their products. The scope of such events is to lure customers into...

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Social Events

Social events aim to transform the event industry through a more comprehensive social reach through cultural and public events. Social events exercise a unique...

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