Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Diploma in Event Management (DEM)

Event management demands complex planning for hassle-free functioning of multiple departments within strict deadlines. The diploma course in event management (DEM) prepares you for all the challenges you encounter in reaching the goal of putting up the most satisfying event as per your client's demands. This educational course introduces the learner to the technicalities of working in the event management industry.

Why Should You Opt for a Diploma in Event Management?

Event Marketing

This diploma program aspect focuses on lending a voice to the organised event through the broadcast and print media's optimal usage. Students get to learn the underlying principles of public relations and their roles in event management.

Structuring an Event

Aspirants get acquainted with the knowledge of making smart moves to reach the desired results. Funding for an event or collection of returns from the money invested in it requires the event manager to formulate business schemes and marketing strategies. The aspirants acquire expertise in these areas through this course.

Event Hosting

The ambience and hosting of social events widely differ from business conventions, meetings, product launches, etc. Each of these events requires a different code of conduct, celebration themes, decor and media arrangements.

Client Interactions

The way you present your staff, and the amenities takes you a long way in convincing or attracting clients to your organisation. Students are taught the accuracy of interacting with corporate clients to earn their trust

Employment Opportunities

This diploma program is the avenue of employment in varied industries such as media, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, etc. Students become familiar with technological advancements in handling the operational and business aspects of modern-day event designing.

Imbibe Leadership Qualities

Team collaboration is an integral part of event management, which demands harmonious coordination of teams for pulling off an event. This degree programme equips learners with the skills to monitor and assist team members when needed

Risk-Free Organisation

This aspect of event management is a pivotal section of the training course for an uninterrupted show. Learners get equipped with the art of determining any anticipated resource loss or business risk, which helps them to be prepared with preventive measures or handle the event in a way that turns out to be satisfactory.

Time Management

This diploma endows students with time management and organisational skills. It builds a strong foundation in coordinating with different teams and assisting them in coming up with the desired outcome. Marketing, assessment, production, and planning. Learners can master through this diploma course curriculum.

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